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Matthias Wissmann
VDA President

The IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt has always been a showcase for innovation. This is where the significant new developments and technological advances for future personal transport are introduced. For the 2015 show, the VDA is creating a new kind of display with its “New Mobility World” exhibition that places the individual transportation needs and wishes of the 21st century at its center.
Industry, science and politics are all invited to drive forward the interdisciplinary dialog within the framework of this world premiere. For the first time ever, we will be providing a “hybrid” show format – exhibitors and partners will have the opportunity either of using the first four days of the show as a B2B event or of extending their appearance over the entire length of the show as a sort of “range extender”.
New solutions are called for and affect everyone. Because the challenges for the personal transport of tomorrow have grown substantially and become much more complex. Connectivity is the promise and the task. Connectivity in the sense of the “connected car” that is permanently online and app-enabled. But also connectivity in the shape of optimum interconnection of different forms of transport, drive systems and conventional and innovative transport concepts. Because it is obvious that no one means of transport on its own will be capable of handling the growing volume of traffic – especially in towns and cities. But it is equally clear that the car in particular will continue to have a central role to play.
The German car industry is in a good position in that context, having already invested billions in this future market and now intensifying efforts to create a new concept of personal transport. It is creating alliances with IT giants, establishing car-sharing models, developing alternative, eco-friendly drive systems and adopting surprising and forward-looking solutions.
Intensive exchanges of ideas and concrete collaboration projects not only with ITC providers, energy suppliers and service providers but also local communities and financiers are opening up new transport options and business models.
The New Mobility World, which reveals new intermodal perspectives for transport for the first time, is a showcase, experimentation lab, testing ground and discussion platform all rolled into one. Both for experts and future users. Because the sooner we excite the public about the fascinating possibilities of the personal transport of tomorrow, the sooner innovations will translate into markets.
We look forward to welcoming you as an exhibitor of the New Mobility World at the IAA Car 2015.