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The themes


  • Connectivity / Infrastructure
  • Autonomous driving
  • Driver assistance / Safety
  • Communication / Services
  • Intelligent navigation
  • Information/Entertainment


„It is now about the major task of working with the IT sector to make personal transport even more intelligent and interconnected.“
Martin Winterkorn, CEO Volkswagen

arrowOrange Expansion of the network infrastructure for mobile Internet to blanket coverage already allows innovative integrated transport solutions today. The connected car is becoming a “smartphone on four wheels”. New usability and application concepts are re-inventing the “car as living space”. Never before has it been possible to make time spent in a car as full of variety; never has driving a car been easier or safer.


  • From Driver Assistance to automated driving
  • Improved road safety
  • Efficent Mobility
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Optimized Test Methods
  • Innovative Parking Solutions
  • High-precision, current updated Informations and Mapping


„We are convinced, that automated driving will be a core featureof the mobility of the future.“
Elmar Degenhart, CEO Continental

arrowOrange Automated Driving will completely change the common understanding of mobility and transport.
More comfort and security, more efficent manner of driving, less emissions and more time for the essential things in life, that are just a few benefits of this new way of individual mobility.
Automated driving will reduce the amount of car accidents significantly and will provide more safety on the streets. Optimized traffic flow will reduce the fuel consumption and helps protecting the environment.


  • Electric vehicles
  • Light electric vehicles (bikes / trikes)
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Energy management
  • Fleet management
  • Financing models


„Anyone who sees only the German market as the measure of their success in the electric transport market is selling themselves short. Those who fail to act will be punished by the market.“
Norbert Reithofer, CEO BMW

arrowOrange One million electric cars on Germany’s roads by 2020? It can be achieved. Because the products on offer are becoming more differentiated, the infrastructure is growing and usability is increasing. In short, electric transport is becoming increasingly attractive and has now reached the consumer. But it is not just electric cars that are enjoying constantly rising demand; electric bikes and trikes are experiencing an unprecedented boom.


  • Intermodal transport options
  • Real-time traffic management
  • Municipal services
  • Low-emission zones
  • Local public transport
  • Logistical and transport solutions


„In the past we talked about the car-friendly city; now it’s all about the city-friendly car.“
Rupert Stadler, CEO Audi

arrowOrange By 2050, 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. In the same period, the number of cars will double. A functioning urban transport system will only be achievable through innovative and integrated approaches. Seamless integration of different modes of transport is one solution. Intelligent traffic control based on real-time data becomes an imperative in the struggle to avert the collapse of road transport.


  • Travel management
  • Car-sharing
  • Car-pooling
  • Limousine and taxi services
  • Parking space location
  • Intelligent route-planning
  • Location-based services


„We think it is conceivable that mobility services such as Car2Go could generate as much 800 million or a billion euros in revenue by the end of this decade.“
Dieter Zetsche, CEO Mercedes-Benz

arrowOrange Mobile Internet and smartphones are the enablers for a large variety of personal travel services. They are the central control units for seamless integration of the diversity of transport options. Ease of use and attractive pricing are the keys to a new perception of travel, and to constantly up-to-date information and greater safety.