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Tech & Partner Discovery Tours

How will your organization position your strategy to capitalize on the disruptions and innovations taking place within the Mobility & Transportation market?

For many – especially new attendees – it is a challenge to learn about all that, which is going to take place. Therefore we are excited to announce the Tech & Partner Discovery Tours.

To a selected group of companies we are offering the opportunity, to be part of the New Mobility World in a unique way, enabling you to gain valuable insight, make connections and focus on what matters to you the most.

Tech & Partner Discovery Tours help you to:

→  Discover new technology and innovation
→  Understand the impact and implications on your current business
→  Find new partners and customers
→  Create visibility for your company at the New Mobility World 2015 event in Frankfurt from September 17th to 27th

Tech & Partner Discovery Tours are designed for the busy professional.  Our subject matter experts will help you identify and understand key technologies and services, differentiate offerings, and create action items and strategic takeaways from the show. We offer:

→  The New Mobility World Highlights – 90 minute guided tour of all the Theme Parks
→  Technology Portfolio Deep Dive – an optional add-on of 60 minutescovering two Theme Parks of your choice
(30 minutes per park)

The discovery tours are organized around eight theme parks:

Connected Car Pavilion   * Electric Vehicle Plaza  *  Urban Solution Market  *
Smart City Forum *  Mobility Solutions Center  *  Multimodal Market Hall  *
Digital Infrastructure  *  Startup Zone

Tours can be customized on request.

We offer the tours as part of four packages, Individual, Basic, Advanced and Premium.

Depending on package type, additional participation opportunities are included such as:

→  Participation in Forum Program on key industry topics
→  Access to B2B Meeting Lounge and outdoor Parcours
→  Invitations to special events taking place at NMW
→  List of key contacts from companies visited on the tour

The target audience for these tours is:

→   CEO / Top Management
→   VP of Marketing
→   VP of Strategy
→   Head of Innovation
→   Head of Business Development
→   Investors
→   OEMs
→   Qualified trade professionals
→   Delegations
→   IAA visitors from around the world

Space is limited; hence we recommend that you reserve your spot now.

Contact: [email protected]

Tours are led by senior industry experts from Intergroup Partners.

Intergroup Partners’ focus is on innovation and company development bridging the gap between idea and execution to help companies and investment grow.