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B2B Area

The B2B Area is the place for
discussions, meetings, trade events such as symposia, conferences or expert workshops.

arrowOrange On all thirteen days of the event, the B2B Area is the place for detailed exchanges with trade experts. A high-quality design concept with full-service catering provides the appropriate backdrop.
Exhibitors and partners are invited to make use of these attractive and highly functional surroundings for their own event activities.

The available infrastructure offers the perfect setting for practically any occasion. Evening events running alongside the show are also welcome in the B2B Area. The New Mobility Club offers an especially exclusive location in that regard.

PLEASE NOTE: admittance is only for partners and exhibitors and their guests



The pared-down, minimalistic design stands indistinct contrast with the brand world in the exhibition area. The clear zoning creates clarity and makes for easy orientation. High-quality furniture, carefully selected materials and an innovative lighting concept create a pleasant and communicative atmosphere in all parts of the B2B Area.


The entire B2B Area is professionally looked after by an experienced conference management team starting well in advance of the IAA. During the event, the information and registration desk will be permanently staffed by the event organiser. Reservation enquiries will be possible at any time and even at short notice.

All areas will be looked after by professional event caterers. Provision of conference beverages is obligatory.
The entire B2B Area has access to high-speed internet (WiFi with LAN as back-up). All rooms have the very latest presentation equipment.


Cleverly designed zoning in the open-plan lobby allows undisturbed coexistence and thus meets the requirements of the different discussion situations.


Whether for a small group meeting, a presentation to a large audience or holding a workshop, the right spaces are available for every kind of occasion.

By experts for experts. That is the banner under which we are inviting partners and exhibitors to make use of the conference and presentation facilities in the B2B Area. A separate lecture zone offers space for up to 200 people and is the ideal setting for trade conferences or symposia.


The Speaker’s Corner area is the first choice for small and, above all, short events and presentation formats and can be separated off from the lobby.


There is a strictly limited number of presentation areas available in the lobby for product presentation. Some wall areas offer space for advertising.