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Forum & Show stage


arrowOrange The centrally located Forum with its large show stage forms the centrepiece of the New Mobility World. It is also home to the official media partners of the New Mobility World. There is a glass-walled TV studio for producing a wide variety of reports and clips. Viewable editing rooms offer visitors an insight into the exciting world of media production and at the same time provide media partners with the facility for handling and distributing the latest news and information as quickly as possible.


arrowOrangeThe Show Stage is the highlight of the New Mobility World. As an information and entertainment platform set up as a special interest TV channel, it will be the beating heart of the New Mobility World for the full 13 days.

It will present a diverse and interesting programme throughout the day and keep visitors informed at first hand of all the important news on the hot topics of personal transport. The programme will be developed by an experienced team of editors and will take special account of the interests of the various target groups.

On the first four days, the emphasis will be on intercommunication between the assembled experts from the industries, research establishments and public organisations involved. For the public days, the topics and formats will be adapted accordingly.

There will be news, magazine and advice formats. Interviews and debates will address the most interesting and current issues. The entertainment will be in the form of prize competitions and draws, short shows and celebrity spots.

As well as the independent, editorially controlled contributions of the event organiser and the official media partners, New Mobility World exhibitors and partners will also have the opportunity to purchase time slots. In that way they can significantly expand the reach of their communications and generate greater awareness of their own activities.

Up to 500 visitors can watch the show stage programme