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Consulting & Venture Capital District


  • Start-up
  • Development infrastructure
  • Business assessment
  • Intellectual property
  • SMEs & buy-outs
  • Business angels
  • Venture capital
  • Private equity
  • Corporate venture capital
  • Capital market & IPO
  • Crowd investing
  • Fund-raising

The potential of the new world of personal transport is vast. There are functioning business models and sustainable financing concepts capable of ensuring dynamic growth. There is no one ideal pathway, it is a case of finding the most suitable approach in each instance. The consultancy firms have always been the expert partners of the stakeholders involved in that regard.

Without venture capital, the many groundbreaking innovations of the IT industry would not have been conceivable and the digitisation of personal transport would undoubltedly not have reached the stage it is at today.

The Consulting & Venture Capital District is a networking platform and experts’ meeting place for further boosting the development rate of new personal transport initiatives.

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